Why don’t you understand?

We go through this all the time
You’re just too sensitive
I walk around on egg shells
I don’t know what to say
I don’t know what to do
I don’t know how to handle you

With all your issues I never know
With all your issues I can’t judge
With all your issues I’m not sure
Yes, I’m mentally ill
I didn’t ask for this
I don’t mean to be too sensitive
It’s part of the illness
I’m sorry it’s disrupting your life
I don’t know what you mean
I don’t know what you’re saying
I don’t know how to judge
Because that part of my brain no longer works
Because I’m mentally ill

You run and hide
It doesn’t solve anything
It only makes things worse
We’ll just make up by tomorrow
So fix it now and don’t run away

I’m mentally ill
When I’m hurting all I know
Is I need space
I don’t know it’s going to be alright
Tomorrow may be worse than today

This is just stupid to run off and not solve the problem
Will you ever understand I don’t think like normal people
My brain no longer works properly
It’s fight or flight
I don’t like fighting so I flee.

I’m sorry my my illness has made your life so hard
My illness has made my life hard too, every single day
Every single hour, every single minute
You see you can get away from me
I have no choice but to stay.

Thanks for reading,