Being seen
Letting people in
Bearing your soul
Your inner thoughts

Your fears, your hurt
All that you think
Everything you are
Everything you feel

Your most private
Your most terrifying
Your most dark
Disturbing thoughts

Nothing hidden
Everything turned inside out
Will they be appalled
Shocked, horrified

Will they hate you
Be disgusted
Be disappointed
Will they walk away

They may lock you up
Call you insane
Say you’re too dark
No hope for you

Better be safe
Don’t let them see
All of the monsters
That live in your head

They aren’t ready for this
They may never be
For crazy is too scary
For the normal to see

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Two steps forward
Three steps back
That’s how it feels
In this world of crazy

They say….

You’re the one who
Never gets things or hears things right
Because you’re crazy

They say…

You’re too sensitive
Blow things out of proportion
Get upset over nothing
No one to blame but yourself

They say….

If you would just be more normal
Don’t think like you do
Just answer a simple question
Make it easier for us

They say….

You could if you’d just try
Quit being you and reading into it
Quit being you and forget it
Quit being you and get over it

They say…

Quit being you and be normal
Quit being you and be quiet
Quit being you and put the mask back on
Then I can be me again and live like I want.

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Depression: Scene Six

Continued From Depression: Scene Five

Darkness engulfs you
A mask completely covers your face
You are no longer you
Just the shell of who you were
The mask and the shell
Depression has won

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I wrote this 6 scene series because I felt like so many could relate to it. Also to let you know you are not alone. There are others who are or have been there. However, there is help and that is where the light is.

Depression: Scene Four

Continued from scene three:

Everyday waking up in the same darkness
You start to question your sanity
Night time is the worst
You hear voices oh so faint
Are they real? Or just in your head?
You can’t share with anyone
They will think you’re crazy
So you pull away a little more

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Depression: Scene Two

(Continued from Depression: Scene One)

There is so much chaos in your head
If you could just get the noise to shut up
Maybe things would make sense
Darkness surrounds you, you are so weary.
You just want to sleep. Yes! That’s it sleep that will help
It will all be better after a few hours of good sleep.

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