Flying, driving, crowds, noise
It’s been coming on slowly all day
You’ve been fighting what seems like a war
It’s paralyzing, terrifying
You try to stay in control
You don’t want to make a scene
It’s winning you don’t have the energy to fight
You can’t breathe, you can’t move
The tears start to trickle down your cheek
Your whole body starts to shake
The demon, panic has been released
You try desperately to reign it back in
To no avail this time you’ve lost the battle.
Next time you will be stronger.

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October 22,2016
I wrote this after having a major meltdown as our plane left San Antonio, Texas. I haven’t been able to fly sinceĀ I came to crazytown. This was my return trip home.



Depression: Scene Six

Continued From Depression: Scene Five

Darkness engulfs you
A mask completely covers your face
You are no longer you
Just the shell of who you were
The mask and the shell
Depression has won

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I wrote this 6 scene series because I felt like so many could relate to it. Also to let you know you are not alone. There are others who are or have been there. However, there is help and that is where the light is.

Depression: Scene Four

Continued from scene three:

Everyday waking up in the same darkness
You start to question your sanity
Night time is the worst
You hear voices oh so faint
Are they real? Or just in your head?
You can’t share with anyone
They will think you’re crazy
So you pull away a little more

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Depression: Scene Two

(Continued from Depression: Scene One)

There is so much chaos in your head
If you could just get the noise to shut up
Maybe things would make sense
Darkness surrounds you, you are so weary.
You just want to sleep. Yes! That’s it sleep that will help
It will all be better after a few hours of good sleep.

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Continuing story

Depression: Scene One

There are others in this scene
Yet you seem all alone
You don’t understand your part
You have a hard time communicating
You know you’re here, yet something isn’t right.

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To be continued: This will be ongoing for several scenes.