Hard Lesson

His words cut me to the core
Terrible words spoken
Behind my back to others
My heart broken

For I thought we were friends
How could a friend, brother
Call me a judgemental
Heartless, gossip…

I mourned for many years
I went from hurt to anger
Back to hurt again

After several years
I understood the anger and pain
Came from realizing he was right
Everything he had said was true

I had a talk with him the other day
Told him my hurt and pain
Then I apologized for my behavior
And asked for his forgiveness

I forgot one thing, I also should have thanked him
For he was part of helping me become
A better person, that I hope to be one day

Thanks for reading,
This is dedicated to my Brother in law whom I love and wish I had talked to years
earlier and made things right.


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