Going back to treatment
It’s nothing bad to need help
Or to be ashamed of

It’s just a tune-up
We all can use one from time to time
I mean us
The broken, emotionally sick
The mentally ill

Our mind is hurting again
We’re overwhelmed
Completely beat down
It’s hard out there

We need the safety of the group
The camradery
People who get us
Without even a word spoken

Allowing you to share your feelings
Your most private thoughts and fears
Knowing they will understand
Knowing they will hold you up
Knowing someone listened

These are your people
They are your kindred spirits
Because unlike anyone else
They have lived in this chaos
Surrounded by Darkness
Wearing their masks
They’ve cried the tears
They’ve screamed in pain

Yet they sit beside you
Holding your hand
Telling you it’s going to be okay
While they’re dying inside
Hoping to make it another day

Thanks for reading,

I just finished my 3rd time as an outpatient in a treatment center. Before I went in my Aunt told me to look at it as a tune-up. I can’t tell you how much that helped me. I shared that with others and it seemed to help them too. 😊


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