I’m afraid of the dark
Yes, me a grown woman
I’ve never liked the darkness
But, the fear came with crazy town

I can’t rest well I can’t go to bed
I sleep every other night
Because I’m so exhausted I can rest
It’s not ideal but the monsters stay away

People ask what’s so scary
It’s hard to explain
Unless you have lived through it
It’s just spine tingling scary

You can’t see what’s out there
You don’t know what’s out there
In crazy town your mind says
Anything and everything could be lurking
Just outside your door, window, or under your bed

You can tell your mind to be quiet
But, it is louder than you are
And haunts you till the darkness goes away
And daylight chases away the monsters

Then you’re safe for a few hours
Before the darkness returns
With your deepest fears

Thanks for reading,


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