I can see many changes in my life from pre-crazy town to my life on this side of darkness, but tonight it hit me how many great things I have come to appreciate.
When I was well I took so many things for granted. I think many of us do. Until it becomes something that is so overwhelming we can’t function.
Today for the first time in over 2 years my best friend and I went shopping and I drove.
It’s the first time since I’ve been driving again( which is very recent) that I have allowed an adult in the car with me. She was so happy for me. We had a wonderful afternoon. We shopped I didn’t need her by my side. We went to a restaurant for lunch. All things I couldn’t do just 6 months ago. My granddaughters are spending a few days with us, I had them for a few hours alone. We had a great time. I wasn’t stressed or worried I would have a meltdown. Again something I could not have done 6 months ago.
These are all things so many people take for granted everyday and we who have anxiety, agoraphobia, panic attacks and depression wish we could do. I feel so very blessed for each day that is great. I thank my God, my husband and Aurora Treatment Hospital for my road to recovery.
As I said in my first post I still have things to work on. And there will no doubt be rough days, as there already have been. I still feel so blessed. The treatment center changed my life. I was at a loss when I went in. My husband and I did not know where else to turn. We felt it was our last hope. I recently read my journal from the month I went in to treatment. I really didn’t realize how close I was to suicide.

Now that I’m out of treatment I continue therapy every week. I work on my C.B.T. goals, schedule my week so I stay structured, do mirror work, mindfulness, meditation and other things to stay on task. All with the support of my amazing husband.

Thanks for reading,


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