The Transition

In treatment things start to feel stable
You start to feel safe and well again
Your ups and downs are more even now
You almost think you can do anything
You think you are almost well.
Then treatment is over you graduate

You go home and things are not like you thought they would be
Everything is hard, triggers are constant
You start having bad days again
You think wait what’s going on?
I was almost well, I feel I’m going the wrong way again.

You try to remember all the things you were taught
You know you are stronger than your illnesses
But for some reason you can’t seem to get back on the right course

What do you do to get back to that point when you left treatment?
You felt great the day you walked out those doors
You had accomplished so much
Was it real? Or was it all just a lie?

Yes, it was real and you did accomplish a lot.
Living in the real world is really hard
Harder than we remembered
We need to communicate better with our support system
Tell them exactly what we need

We don’t want to go backwards
If we don’t practice what we learned
Communicate our needs
Then we will end up back in the darkness



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