From Darkness to Light

I’m continuing my story from where I left off in “My road from darkness.”

As the months went on I was on a roller coaster with my depression and anxiety. It was so hard on my husband. He never knew what would send me into a meltdown. I never knew. I would go for weeks where I was afraid to leave the house. I couldn’t be away from my husband. Sometimes he couldn’t even leave the room without me going into a panic. The chaos in my head was so loud sometimes I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Loud noises were unbearable and would send me into a panic attack. Stuff left out around the house could send me into a panic attack. I went minimalist because too much stuff would cause a panic attack. We had to quit going to restaurants, most stores and any place there were a lot of people. We quit having company because it was just too much for me.

Finally in July of 2014 everything was so out of control in my life I could not function. We knew we had to get some help. So once again we started searching for a place that could really help me with all of my issues. We found a mental facility that offered an outpatient program. I went in thinking I would learn some tools and get a little better. What I did not expect was 8 weeks after I walked into those doors I would walk out feeling great. The chaos in my head that I had been dealing with for over two years was gone. My anxiety and depression was so much better.  I was no longer looking for the light at the end of the tunnel I was in the light. What a true blessing. This place had given me my life back.

Now, I need to say I still have work to do. The difference between now and 10 weeks ago is that I have the tools, the right combination of medication and I feel well enough now to really work hard with my new therapist to cope with my illnesses.

I just want all who are suffering to know there is hope. I have been there when I didn’t think there was any hope.

I felt my life would never change. In my next few blogs I’m going to share some of my writings that I wrote during some of my darkest times.

I hope something I have shared has helped someone.

Thanks for reading.


If you have read this before you may notice I made a couple of changes. I made some mistakes on the dates and some wording I wanted to correct. Thanks for reading.


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